Katy Perry and Akon Will Perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


The most wonderful time of the year, which is the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, is only a few weeks away. The fun goes down on November 30, a few days after you'll have enjoyed your wonderfully caloric Thanksgiving meal and will feel really awesome watching models (who have juice-fasted their last jiggly bits away) walk around in $2 million bras. Following the Black Eyed Peas' glitter runway debut last year, Katy Perry and Akon will be this year's special guest performers. This should be greatly entertaining: Perry is bound to be wearing the food the models have resisted eating in preparation for the show, and Akon might hit on them as they fly by with their glitter wings. And of course it's always amusing to see the girls rock out runway-style in the plethora of Christmas-ornaments-on-steroids they attach to their bodies each year.