Martha Stewart on Glitter and Reed Krakoff’s Bar Mitzvah


"Who else has ever made — how many colors of glitter? I think 120 colors of glitter — and more than 200 different kinds of glitter. I mean, glitter! It used to just be silver and gold. I love glitter!" exclaimed Martha Stewart at last night's Executive Women in Fashion talk at F.I.T. Stewart addressed an enamored crowd of Louboutin-shod women about the importance of kitchens ("I have 21 kitchens. I love kitchens!") and birthday cards (she sends a birthday note to every single person in her office, including ones she's never met, and even did so when she was in jail).

But the crowd wanted to hear about more important things: "I work for Reed Krakoff, and he told us you catered his bar mitzvah!" exclaimed one audience member. Martha chuckled. "I did! I still have all his contracts in my files, and all the correspondence I did with his mother about it." She remains friends with the designer, and attended his show this month. A Ralph Lauren employee wanted to talk about a gift basket Martha made for them years ago: "It was the biggest gift basket we've ever gotten!" she marveled. Martha remembered putting it together in her garage: "I tied those little gingham ribbons around every single jam jar. And then he asked me to do all their Christmas baskets! There was one in that beautiful bowl," she reminisced. "I love Christmas baskets."