Model Jessica White Claims She Didn’t Start That Fight She Was Arrested For


Model Jessica White, who was charged with misdemeanor assault after allegedly getting into a hair-pulling, face-slapping catfight outside a club in Chelsea during the wee hours of Saturday morning, is claiming that she didn’t start the fight. Her lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, told the Post:

The Sports Illustrated supermodels that I represent, such as Rachel Hunter and Jessica White, are all good sports and super people, not the type of women that get into catfights. Stories concerning celebrities frequently get blown up, and I'm confident that when the air is released from this blown-up story that has obviously been overinflated, all that will be left will be hot air with no substance.

White, who has appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, modeled for Victoria’s Secret, and has a contract with Maybelline, recently broke up with Sean Penn and was out “celebrating her newfound single status with the girls,” according to Heller. She said she was searching for a cab when the alleged victim, Vanessa Kian, 28, approached her and "hit my shoulder," and the scuffle proceeded from there.

When the Post attempted to reach Kian at her job at Enterprise Parking for comment, they were told that she "didn't want to take calls from people like you."

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