Now You Can Buy Club Monaco’s Thigh-High Socks and Shorts Online


Club Monaco stores, which are nearly as ubiquitous as Starbucks and American Apparel in Manhattan but rare outside the greater New York area, have moved online: The retailer has partnered with Shopbop and ships everywhere in the U.S. as of this morning. To celebrate, Shopbop's fashion director, Kate Ciepluch, styled outfits from the store's fall 2010 collection, and it looks like she was really serious about liking thigh-high socks for fall, which she raved about to the New York Times back in August. "It’s a great dress alternative, especially for work,” she said, characterizing the look as “a smart mountain town styled with city chic.” Those exposed slices of thigh skin might get a little chilly once winter hits, but all the people in warmer climes who can now order these outfits online won't have to worry about that.