Paulina Porizkova Thinks Plastic Surgery ‘Actually Saves’ Quality of Life


Model turned blogger Paulina Porizkova on plastic surgery: "Let me state once and for all that I am not against plastic surgery. In many cases, it is something that can so vastly improve the quality of life it actually saves it. And even in the more frivolous cases, I do not have a problem with a woman who chooses a teensy bit of this or that to make herself feel better, as long as she admits to it. Nothing galls me as much as age-defying celebrities who achieve their looks by 'healthy food and yoga.' I know this is bullshit. You may not. But I can guarantee we will both feel bad about the way we look, the way we have let ourselves go, when Michelle Pfeiffer and Demi Moore look not a day over 30." [HuffPo]