Rachel Zoe Denies Pregnancy by Flaunting Flat Stomach While Rumors Persist


Rachel Zoe will not admit the tabloid rumors that she is pregnant are true. It doesn't help that she goes to fancy parties all the time, where people drink champagne, because as soon as she doesn't drink the champagne, the "it must be true!" stories fly. She has already been spotted attending a polo match where she declined the bottle, but was recently seen at another event in L.A., where "everyone was drinking champagne at her table but her." People reports that when asked if she was with a wee one:

She opened her black Balmain blazer to reveal a flat stomach, saying, "Not at all. I'd be home sleeping."

Don't they say that you know people are lying when they voluntarily add extra information or something like that? Anyway, a source even told E! that Zoe is so pregnant she already knows she's having a boy, which, if true, would automatically suggest she'll have to have a second (or third or however many) until she has a girl, which would seem to be her destiny. Damned destiny, always playing games.

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