Reader Look Book: What Do You Save for a Rainy Day?


This week's Reader Look Book was supposed to be all about the boots, but we got distracted by Cut reader Kittycotten's amazing furry hat, so we're bending the rules a bit. Because how could we not? Kittycotten describes her silver-hued headpiece as "kind of a hybrid between a turban and big furry Russian winter cap," which she's been wearing around nonstop despite the balmy temperatures. Best of all, she got it for $9 ($9!) at a thrift shop. She completes the look with bookish glasses, a plaid trapeze top, and what appear to be gray cotton over-the-knee socks.

Next week: It's drizzly in New York today. What do you wear to cheer yourself up in dismal weather? Send us your best rainy-day looks.

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