A Breakdown of Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl in the World’ Video Looks


We've blogged this a few times, but we'll blog it again: We LOVE "Only Girl in the World" and believe it is not only a near-perfect pop song, but also just the kind of hit Rihanna needs to get the world really excited about her pop-star-ness again. However, when the first stills from the video shoot leaked, it was unclear whether Rihanna would have the wardrobe to up the song's momentum that much further. The full video is out at last, and while it certainly gets across the concept that Rihanna is, in these few minutes, the Only Girl in the World, the costumes make us wish that they were not the Only Clothes in the World. Rihanna has adopted the twitchy, spazzy diva dancing we previously saw in "Telephone" and "Why Don't You Love Me," which seems to work well for all divas these days, so that helps the thing overall. See the video below and a breakdown of the looks in the slideshow.

Rihanna - 'Only Girl In The World' Video Premiere [Just Jared]