Slap Bracelet Watches: The Poor Man’s Balenciaga


A year and a half ago, Julia Restoin Roitfeld had a debatably chic moment at a party in Russia with neon-orange slap bracelets, which seemed like the perfect nonconformist compliment to her conformist Balmain attire. But that moment, that image of her, thighs flecked with the neon slap-ons, was not enough to revive the trend. Some months ago, Silly Bandz marched forth from their grave and into the hands of New York singletons looking for new, cheap, and childish ways to signal their interest to potential mates. Were Silly Bandz the new slap bracelets, a fun way to adorn your wrists and an even more fun tool by which to flirt with people? Slap bracelets may not be having it. T magazine's the Moment blog heralds the watch you see here by TKO Orlogi, $50 at Henri Bendel, as "a wallet-friendly alternative to Balenciaga’s eye-catching timepieces on the runway for spring." It comes with interchangeable slap-on neon bands. If slap bracelets are now the poor man's Balenciaga, they must finally be on the way back.

Electric Youth [Moment/NYT]