Snooki-Branded Fashion Products Are Finally Upon Us!


On the first season of Jersey Shore, Snooki's pouf was that singular element of her style to captivate audiences and inspire countless comparisons to the updos that would follow on high-fashion runways. This season on Jersey Shore, the pouf is old news — everyone's been there, done that, having moved on to something equally captivating for both a startlingly sturdy round shape and the lingering question of whether they feel like Styrofoam to the touch: her slippers. Apparently those pillowy foot stumps are by a company called Happy Feet, which had Snooki design her own leopard $24.99 style that is now available for preorder to ship in December. The first 10,000 orders are guaranteed to arrive for the holidays. This is the first rollout of an entire Snooki slipper line, so if you're trying to figure out how many pairs of these things will descend on the world in the new year, you have to figure 10,000 and then some, times the number of pairs in her line, which have to be at least five, probably more ... Someone else ought to start a slipper line called TERRIFIED FEET, which is ironically the same reaction inspired by plenty of designer styles.

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