Snooki’s Pickle Halloween Costume Will Include a Light-Up Pickle ‘Scepter’; Armani Is Making 3-D Glasses Too

• Snooki’s pickle Halloween costume includes “a fringed bustier dress covered in green, pickle-shaped sequins and a light-up scepter in the shape of a pickle.” [WWD]

• The Times' Samurai Shopper went consignment shopping at DecadesTwo.1, the pop-up shop for DecadesTwo's e-commerce site, where she wondered who bought all the clothes the first time around. [T/NYT]

Armani is following in Gucci’s footsteps with their own pair of 3-D unisex glasses, although theirs will be $58, a quarter of the price of Gucci's. [Fashionista]

Kate Moss sang a duet of Gershwin's "Summertime" with jazz performer Doctor Gabs onstage at Spice Market in Qatar earlier this week. [Page Six/NYP]

• Qatar's Sheikha Mozah wore icicle heels on her visit to England. [HuffPo]

• Personal-finance site has released data on how much customers spend at different clothing stores. The average buyer at Barneys drops $401.11, while Opening Ceremony makes about $243.75 per customer. [Fashionista]

• Ten-year-old personal-style blogger Hilo Munshin carved a Chanel logo into his Halloween pumpkin. [HuffPo]

Kate Moss is judging a Polyvore contest. [Fashionista]