Taylor Momsen’s Shoes Might Not Be the Most Eye-catching Thing About Her Revolver Cover


Taylor Momsen has admitted she buys her shoes at stripper shops. Judging by this new cover she shot for rock magazine Revolver, it seems that she's moving away from the tip-jar variety and into something more opaque, with heels that appear to resemble a gun. You could probably argue the rest of her outfit represents some sort of evolution, too: She finally gave up wearing dresses, which there wasn't really much point to since her signature garters and underwear always showed through her overthings anyway. Maybe that's why she chose a few statement accessories — you know, guns — to balance everything out. But what's with the female-singer obsession with guns? Rihanna also likes guns so much that she had revolvers tattooed near her armpits and used them as props in her "Hard" video. But ladies! Guns are way too obvious. Try to come up with something that hasn't been done, like, oh, not being edgy. Get a pretty astronaut suit like Goldfrapp, throw on a slap bracelet, and call it a day.

Revolver [Official site]