Thom Browne to Show Womenswear in New York in February


It was a dirty trick when Thom Browne moved his show from New York to Paris, taking the most fun show of our Fashion Week overseas where we can't enjoy it in person or feel cool and weird for having it here. Well, fine, it was the right thing for his business, but we miss him. Thankfully, in February, he'll be back — to put on his first full-fledged womenswear show! The ladies' portion of his business is expanding and will sell at Harrods and Dover Street Market in London. "I’m ready now, I know what to do. The show will be very much like my men’s wear ones — not traditional," he explained. "It all starts with a tailored point of view." If he's turned men into mermaid warriors and raccoon hats, you can only imagine what he'll do with chicks. Tennis-playing earthen cuttlefish?