Video: Kate Moss’s Last Collection for Topshop


Kate Moss's next collection for Topshop will be her last, and judging by this video, which features Moss dressing models like Cara Delevingne, Genevieve Garner, and Jessica Horton in her designs, she's feeling a little wistful about it. While the models frolic about, giggling, twirling and pretending to eat cupcakes and jellybeans, Moss busies herself by adjusting tassel-trimmed sleeves and giving distant little nods of approval. The clothes look a bit softer than what we’ve seen in previous Kate Moss for Topshop collections, with lots of floaty floral chiffon and delicate beading. Of course she would go out with a lacy whisper rather than a bang; fashion people are always passive-aggressive like that. [Topshop]