Video: The Short Film Written by Tavi Starring Julia Restoin-Roitfeld as Medusa


Six Scents is a collection of six unisex fragrances made by Givaudan perfumers along with six designers "who will one day be big enough to have their own fragrance but who are too small to have it just yet." The designers who made scents for the latest collection — which will hit over 200 stores like Opening Ceremony and Colette on November 8 — include Alexis Mabille, Mary Katrantzou, Junn.J, Rad Hourani, N.Hoolywood, and Ohne Titel. The confusing, yet fabulous, web of collaborations — a remarkable feat of fashion togetherness — includes short films that will be posted on the Internet and used in other various capacities, such as at the launch parties for the scents happening around the world. Alia Raza made one film, for which Tavi Gevinson wrote the screenplay, Julia Restoin Roitfeld starred, and Derek Blasberg executive produced. It's called Le Viol de la Méduse and you can watch it right here!

The short "reimagines the mythical Greek muse Medusa as a character played by contemporary fashion world muse Julia Restoin-Roitfeld," telling "the story of the young Medusa’s rape by the sea god Poseidon while worshiping at the temple of Athena and her subsequent punishment, a curse that to turn [sic] her into a mutant." This relates to the project because "the objects that map her suffering — gardenia and tuberose flowers, dried leaves and incense, black sand and white powder, cigarettes and scotch whiskey — are imaginary notes in the mythic fragrance of Medusa’s journey from girl to monster to woman." I.e., watch Julia play with water, lick wet mirrors and wear feathers on her face. Screenplay by Tavi, everybody!