Your Chance to Smell Like Beverly Hills Has Arrived


Not satisfied with take-home trinkets like T-shirts and key chains, the city of Beverly Hills is partnering with JT Brands of Long Beach on its own souvenir fragrance line. Marketing expert Pam Danziger told the AP, “When I think of Beverly Hills, I think of ground zero in conspicuous consumption lifestyle. Every city has souvenirs, so for Beverly Hills, why not some perfume? It makes sense." What might not make sense is the fragrance's price, a spendy $120 per bottle. But anyway, what does 90210 smell like exactly? Tanning oil? Champagne wishes and caviar dreams? Geoffrey Thompson, managing director of JT Brands, says the scents are meant to "evoke what life is like for the Beverly Hills woman." A life which, if the previews for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are to be believed, involves puttering around sprawling marble mansions between catfights and spa treatments. [Gawker]