Fancy People With Nice Shoes Forced to Navigate Flood at Bergdorf Goodman


On Saturday as the sun descended, a vicious water main on West 57th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues burst open, spewing dirty water down the block and into the basement of Bergdorf Goodman, among other fine stores. The street shut down as firefighters dealt with the problem and shoppers inside Bergdorf debated how to best deal with the sudden, heart-stopping emergency.

"I just came from Bergdorf and they told me to ford the river. Yah, right. I’m not walking through this stuff in $1,200 shoes. It’s totally nuts," said Sarah Sallee, 27, a fashion producer, who lives near Herald Square.

Fortunately, there were solutions in crisis:

Pedicabs were briefly being used to ferry fancy Midtown shoppers across the water from Bergdorfs.

Meanwhile, Ali Ryan, who was shopping in Bergdorf at the time of the flood, had another solution, which she posted on Twitter:

Trapped in Bergdorf's due to the flood and firetrucks surrounding the block..guess I' just continue shopping!

When life gives you lemons ...

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