ANTM Recap: André Leon Talley Wants to Take Ann to a Party

Episode Title
Franca Sozzani

Last night on America's Next Top Model, the four remaining girls met with the editor-in-chief of Italian Vogue, Franca Sozzani. In true scary-fashion-editor form, Sozzani gave deadpan critiques of each girl's portfolio, practically falling off her chair when Chelsey says she's from Idaho. She didn't seem very impressed with the rest of the girls, either, making us wonder if this was the impetus for that blog post she recently wrote about how “generally boring” and “unnecessary” most fashion television shows are. However, how could she have not been entertained by André Leon Talley standing at her side like a courtier in a black sequined cape holding a scepter and wearing a tall high fashion kepi?

This week's challenge is a shoot at yet another fancy Italian villa, this time in Verona, where the girls did a Tyra-directed take on Romeo and Juliet. The models writhe, purse lips, and attempt to vamp, looking more like they were shooting a video for Pride and Prejudice: The Rock Opera than anything else. This week's guest judge was obviously Sozzani, who looked fabulous sitting on the panel with ALT et al., but like she was contemplating what kind of cappuccino she wanted after they were done shooting rather than caring a whole lot about which girl would be ejected. By the end of panel, not one but two girls would be eliminated, leaving Jane and Ann quaking in their stilettos. But Ann luckily showed up dressed well by the judges' standards, in an all-black ensemble with a white corset. “I think this is the first day you have embraced your extravagant uniqueness,” Talley says. “You won me over. I’d want to take you to a party.” Could she be any more in? Well, aside from Chelsea, who also won the honorable privilege of walking against Ann in the Roberto Cavalli show. See highlights of ALT, Sozzani, and more in the video.