As You Might Have Guessed, Georgina Chapman Looks Amazing Post-Baby

Yep, she looks awful, huh.

If you’ve been harboring any inkling that post-baby Georgina Chapman would look any less gorgeous than she did before she got pregnant, then well, you can give it up. “She just had a baby? Really? Oh my God, you can’t tell at all. I had no idea,” exclaimed Saks Fifth Avenue president Ronald Frasch, gaping at her at last night’s launch party for the new Harper’s Bazaar book on personal style, Harper's Bazaar Fashion. Tory Burch agreed: “She looks damn good," she marveled, stealing a glance over her shoulder.

Chapman, who was looking inhumanly amazing even back in September when she presented her spring 2011 collection mere weeks after giving birth, tried her best to insist that she hasn’t been able to squeeze back into her wardrobe, which is totally preposterous. “I can't always fit into all of my clothes, of course,” she said humbly, looking incredible in a dress from Marchesa’s fall 2010 collection despite herself. She wore her own designs throughout her pregnancy (she simply tailored them to fit her tummy, as she’s done for other pregnant celebrities like Heidi Klum in the past), and was refreshingly non-gushy about the glories of motherhood and spit bibs. “I still dress exactly the same,” she said. “My style hasn’t changed a bit.”