Oh, the Lengths a Model Goes Through to Walk Balenciaga

Britt walking the spring 2011 Balenciaga show.

Model Britt Maren: “I had heard at Balenciaga they were probably going to do something to my hair, but there were just a lot of ideas being thrown around. I thought they were just going to give me lighter blonde highlights or shorter hair. They did it the day before the show, with five or six of us getting a dramatic change. I just remember the hairstylist went through ten bottles of bleach that day — my hair was bleached three times to get the right shade. I was white blonde as a baby, but it was such a shocking change. I was worried about showing pictures to my mom and boyfriend, but they both love it. It’s so easy now, I don’t have to do anything to my hair. Even just walking down the street, people stop me and say they like the haircut or color.” [Skinny/W Magazine]