Check Out Liu Wen’s Glowy Victoria’s Secret Makeup; Learn All You Ever Wanted to Know About ‘Bikini Facials’

Liu Wen at the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Liu Wen is Victoria’s Secret’s first-ever Chinese Angel. Here’s a play-by-play of the makeup she wore in the show. [The Girls in the Beauty Dept./Glamour]

• Alex Kuczynski investigated the “bikini facial” for Harper’s Bazaar, the proliferation of which she attributes to Sex and the City: “I personally place all the blame on my friend Candace Bushnell, the author of Sex and the City. Because of her, the bikini wax somehow stealthily warped itself into one of the required grooming routines of the urban female.” [Harper’s Bazaar]

• The Times researched tattoo removal, which is best done in the winter when you aren’t tan. [NYT]

• A Russian prison is installing tanning beds “for medical purposes.” [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

• Several states have recently passed more stringent laws about sanitation in nail salons. [BellaSugar]

Ralph Lauren has released four new fragrances, titled the Big Pony collection, which are for men aged 18–30. The individual scents are named Sporty, Seductive, Stylish, and Adventurous. [NYT]

• Here’s how to style side-swept bangs without looking like you have a comb-over. [The Girls in the Beauty Dept./Glamour]