Crystal Renn Accused of Not Being Plus-Size


Because a famous woman cannot gain or lose weight in this world without the fluctuation being a topic of scrutiny, Crystal Renn is being critiqued yet again after an editorial of her in Harper's Bazaar's December issue leaked. She looks thin but in a normal way instead of a freak-of-nature model way. It's too bad models can't just be models because they're good at what they do, despite their size, whether or not they fit industry's plus-size or straight-size standards. Her agent tells Fashionista that if Renn looks thinner, it's just because she's been working out. Harper's Bazaar surely knows better than to manipulate her shape with Photoshop — the last time that happened to Renn, she went on the Today show and completely embarrassed the photographer.

Crystal Renn’s New Editorial in Harper’s Bazaar Fuels the “Is She Still Plus Size?” Debate [Fashionista]