The Fashion Show Recap: In Which One Man Attempts to Sacrifice Himself So That a More Deserving Candidate Can Enjoy Further Reality-Television Humiliation

The Fashion Show
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While the theme of last night’s episode of The Fashion Show was femme fatale, the hour also allowed designers to establish their various levels of drag queen–dom. Rolando models his own tulle skirt as though he has spent his adolescence preparing for the moment, and Calvin manages to stuff his feet into huge stilettos, limping around before correctly determining that the shoes are the wrong decision. Isaac tells Tamara, "I've never done drag in my whole life 'cause I think I'm such an ugly girl.” But back to the point of the show: The contestants arrive at Galapagos Art Space, where Iman reveals three muses to inspire their femme fatale nightlife looks: Mata Hari, Barbara Stanwyck, and the vampire. Iman adds a helping of shock, informing the designers that they have only 24 hours to finish their collections this time.

Back at the workroom, Isaac calls in each team to present their storyboards with his now catchphrase, “Hi, darlings.” The House of Emerald (now with Cesar) presents a take on “disco vampire.” Mizrahi gives Emerald’s board a De Niro–like confused expression and professes his displeasure with their fabric choices. He fuels their competitive spirit by telling them they need to beat their former team member turned opponent who's now at the House of Nami, Calvin, the show’s main source of crazy. The House of Nami sells Isaac on their dark side of the forties-temptress concept, and when Calvin leaps into complaints that Dominique’s idea is too ambitious given the time limit, Isaac puts him in his place with a vote of confidence for her. Yet he gives Calvin a vote of confidence when he offers to sacrifice himself and go home instead of would-be loser Tamara. Review those looks and Eduardo's winning one in the slideshow.