Gap Is Using Facebook’s New App to Give Away 10,000 Pairs of Jeans


Facebook just announced details of some new app functionalities that, like Foursquare, could make you highly stalkable by allowing you to broadcast where you are. Gap is hoping very much that you will, with this fancy new Facebooking, broadcast to your people that you're in one of their stores. To do this, Gap will give away 10,000 pairs of jeans at a future date to the first people who "check in" with the app, which you can only do by actually being in a Gap store. People who miss the cutoff but check in anyway stand to receive a consolation prize of 40 percent off a pair of jeans. It will be interesting to see how vicious people will get when this epic day comes and they may (or may not) have to fight to get into a store to win the free loot. Gap operates a over 3,076 stores worldwide, placing the per-store pants giveaway at around three. After the logo disaster and all those hard times, this is what it's come to: giving the stuff away.

The Gap is Giving Away 10,000 Pairs of Jeans Via Facebook [Fashionista]