Gemma Ward May Have Landed Another Movie Part Playing a Princess


Despite her wishy-washiness about leaving modeling behind for good, Gemma Ward's break from the biz seems increasingly permanent with every new line on her IMDb page. Ward, who has starred in The Black Balloon and was cast as a possibly speaking mermaid named Tamara in Pirates of the Caribbean 4, has a new film listed as "rumored" and in pre-production on her IMDb profile: Jack the Giant Killer. The summary:

A remake of the 1962 film of the same name, Jack the Giant Killer recounts the story of a boy who rescues a princess from evil sorcerers.

Gemma would probably be the princess, since she's listed as a star on the film's IMDb page. So she left modeling, was cruelly analyzed and gawked at for gaining weight post-modeling, and is now playing mermaids and princesses in movies. Plus she can eat cupcakes without the world hyperventilating. Now she's living the dream.

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