Isaac Mizrahi Just Bought a Fourth Apartment in the Same Building


Isaac Mizrahi is now the proud owner of four apartments in one condominium. Mizrahi bought his first apartment at 59 West 12th Street, off Fifth Avenue, in 1991 for $355,000, according to records. In addition to those four rooms (plus bathroom! and terrace!) he bought a second two-room apartment in 1997 for $160,000. In March, Mizrahi acquired, for $1.1 million, his third apartment one floor down from his other two to use as a home office. And he just bought the apartment between his first two for $3.5 million, allowing him to connect his other properties. His new digs will total 2,912 square feet plus 1,000 square feet of terrace space. And his neighbors are all but bitter about it: The previous owner, who passed away at the age of 84 last year, had told them Mizrahi really wanted her place. The broker who lives in the building and sold him the apartment tells The Wall Street Journal, "He wanted that apartment really badly for many, many years, and the neighbors are really happy he finally got it."

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