Italian Vogue’s Franca Sozzani Laments the State of Fashion on Television


"TV shows about fashion are generally boring and with so many websites on the subject, unnecessary," writes Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani in a blog post. Sozzani of course is a new America's Next Top Model partner, putting a cover and accompanying editorial in one issue of Italian Vogue into the hands of Tyra Banks, André Leon Talley, and everyone else helping to decide the winner of this season (Sozzani will only guest-judge). Apparently this was not the first proposal Sozzani got to align with a fashion TV show. "Almost everyday there are new shows or they come to me with proposals," she blogs. However, she believes that the fashion world has not found a way to best utilize the medium.

Sozzani adds:

Sometimes there are shows that make you feel embarrassed to belong to the world.

Television is great. It makes you famous in a few seconds. It's like fashion. However both together haven't found the way to work. This requires an idea. A new one.

We presume she aligned with America's Next Top Model because she thinks it's one of the better fashion television products out there. Yet she also writes, "Apparently there is an Italian version," as though she doesn't know as much about Tyra Banks's global franchise as you might expect, which is enviable in a way.

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