Jean Paul Gaultier Wants People to Wheel Themselves Around in His ‘Sexy’ Furniture

The Ben-Hur armchair with wheels from Jean Paul Gaultier's collection for Roche Bobois.

Jean Paul Gaultier launched his collaborative collection for upscale French furniture-maker Roche Bobois today, which he has deemed "sexy" and "bedroom"-inspired. It also features lots of wheels, as he explained: "My inspiration for this collection was mobility, freedom, and travel. Almost all the pieces in this collection have wheels, because I wanted people to be able to move each item from one room to another. I feel that it is good that when you’re at home, you are able to move things that you love. This gives you so much more possibilities. It’s even better when you are in a chair, like my Ben-Hur chair, you can move around your home in your chair. I don’t do roller skates but I can roll around in my chair. It is actually much less effort and much more enjoyable." [WWD]

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