The Fug Girls: Jessica Simpson’s Love Life and Fashion Choices Are Intertwined


We can all exhale: The proposal finally happened. We're talking, of course, about the engagement of beloved tabloid punching bag Jessica Simpson and her boyfriend of five whopping months, former football player of forgettable talent Eric Johnson — timed conveniently two days after her ex, Nick Lachey, announced he'd be marrying longtime girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo (and, inconveniently, two days before Prince William and Kate Middleton hijacked the headlines). In reflecting on Jessica's tragic romantic past, we realized that many of her most screaming sartorial faux pas are tied to her dating status. So does this engagement mean we're in for a fashion upswing, or a slide down to rock bottom? To answer that question, here's a slideshow of Jessica's wardrobe as it relates to her personal and professional life. The one thing we have learned for sure: Jessica Simpson may well be the worst-dressed celebrity of our time.

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