Julia Roberts Avoids Tucking Her Hair Behind Her Ears; Rad Hourani’s New Fragrance Is ‘Baby Powder Mixed With the Smell of Sperm’

• Julia Roberts’s No. 1 hair tip: "Never tuck your hair like this," Julia said, demonstrating by pushing her hair behind her ear. "It never looks good." [Girls in the Beauty Dept./Glamour]

• Bumble & bumble. stylist Jimmy Paul doles out advice on choosing the right hair extensions and taking care of them properly. [Refinery 29]

• Research organization PCPC (Personal Care Products Council) is joining the FDA and the Cosmetic Ingredient Review to address claims that Brazilian hair-straightening products contain harmful amounts of formaldehyde. In the meantime, PCPC’s chief scientist, John Bailey, has stated that “safe and proper use [of these products] depends largely on the ventilation in the salon and the application procedure.” [WWD]

• Leighton Meester told InStyle UK that all the girls on Gossip Girl have naturally long hair. “It's totally a hair show — all the girls have long hair. No one uses extensions or clip-ins any more, but when we first started we did a lot.” [InStyle UK]

Rad Hourani on his new fragrance: “I wanted something transformable, representing life from birth to death. The top note is baby powder mixed with the smell of sperm, but a sperm that is not necessarily vulgar or filthy. It’s more a smell you can’t put your finger on … Christopher [the perfumer] went as close to the sperm smell as possible and made it really elegant and beautiful.” [Elle]

• Givaudan perfumers are partnering with six designers for the third annual installment of their Six Scents collection. This year’s collaboration is themed as “Innocence to Experience,” and proceeds will go to the War Child charity, which helps children living in areas of conflict. [BellaSugar]

• You all loved the volumized bob that Rachel McAdams wore to this weekend’s Morning Glory premiere; here’s how you can try it on yourself. [BellaSugar]