Kate Moss Brings Back Her Bangs — With Kitchen Scissors


Is Kate Moss walking around all day thinking of what she can do or wear that might make the rest of us look ridiculous when we try to copy her? Because she knows that whatever she wears, especially if it's a little off, is practically a guaranteed trend? Look at what she's done for oxford shoes, which probably wouldn't have been so ubiquitous had she not clomped out of the house in them that one day years ago. Today The Wall Street Journal ran a feature on wearing jackets over ballgowns, which — oh, hey — Kate did over a year ago to help open Topshop in New York. She recently re-cut her bangs, explaining to the Telegraph's Hilary Alexander, "I got bored one night and cut it — with kitchen scissors." But Kate has that rare gift of Making Fashion Work, which is why she's so famous and her new bangs look so good. We'd rather pay someone an exorbitant price to get it done right than attempt such a thing ourselves.

Kate Moss Cut Her New Bangs Herself — With Kitchen Scissors [Fashionologie]