Lady Gaga to Appear on the March Cover of Vogue?

Due to Just Jared's advertising structure, this same cover is awesomely captioned with "get the look" on that site. Ooh ooh we know! Gristede's!!!

Lady Gaga will appear on the March 2011 spring fashion issue of American Vogue, according to's sources. Mario Testino is reportedly shooting the cover "overseas later this month." It would have seemed a cover was in Gaga's future after she shot the Hansel and Gretel–inspired spread for the December 2009 issue. However, after that she performed at the Met Ball, where she missed the red carpet only to have Oprah and Terrence Koh coax her out of her dressing room, leaving Anna Wintour to complain on national television about how that weirdo Lady Gaga inconvenienced the whole affair by spending 45 minutes in there "communing with God." Then Gaga performed at the gala and told the crowd about how Anna Wintour asked her not to swear, and then said, "I will do my [bleep]-ing best!" After that sources were abuzz that Wintour was none too pleased with Gaga's involvement in her ball and wasn't likely to put her back in Vogue anytime soon. Also, Gaga's most notable fashion moments in recent memory were the times she's worn raw meat. So yeah, her Vogue cover seemed much less of a sure thing after all those things happened. However, she could really use someone like Anna to tell her not to wear things that were once alive and could start growing bacteria and other microorganisms and offend the olfactory senses of the people standing around them. Maybe it's time someone put her in a proper — even boring — ballgown.

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