Patti Stanger Encounters Backlash From Curly-Haired Ladies; Halle Berry Wears Facial Prosthetics

Patti Stanger

• Check out the heavy facial prosthetics that Halle Berry is wearing to look like a wheelchair-bound old lady for her upcoming movie, Truth or Dare. [Jezebel]

• In response to millionaire matchmaker Patti Stanger’s repeated advice that her clients straighten their hair, executives at have challenged her to a debate and dared her to “rock her natural curls.” [NYT]

• Colorist Rita Hazan gives tips for keeping your roots at bay between dye jobs. [Bellasugar]

• Despite warnings that Brazilian hair-relaxing treatments contain dangerous levels of formaldehyde, lots of salons are still administering them. “I say, you put Botox in your face, lead in your lipstick, and you smoke,” said Neil Weisberg of the Neil George salon. “Pick your poison.” [NYT]

• Images of Katy Perry’s new perfume, Purr, have been released. The purple glass bottle is cat-shaped with diamond-encrusted eyes. [Bellasugar]

• Justin Bieber says that he wants his currently unnamed women’s scent, which will launch in department stories next summer, to make “the girls go crazy.” [People StyleWatch]

• If your skin is already starting to freak out in the late-fall dry air, try concocting this redness-reducing remedy made from different essential oils. [Fabsugar UK]