Rachel Zoe Confirms That Bump Was Not a Food Belly — It’s a Baby!

Rachel at a party yesterday with a new messy hairstyle!

Congrats are in order to Rachel Zoe. It turns out she was not rubbing her belly at a gala over the weekend because it was full of new fat cells but because it contains the growing spawn of her and her husband, Rodger Berman! Zoe confirmed the news of her pregnancy — which she repeatedly deniedon Twitter today. This is great for her and her fans because now she can give tips on maternity style and baby style. We just can't see her handling normal diapers with, like, pastel bird patterns on them or whatever. However, we can see Rodger going way out of his way to custom-order her special quilted ones so she thinks they're Chanel and deigns to touch them. We are most happily looking forward to her referring to the kid's onesie as a "jumpsuit." Congrats to the happy couple!