Richie Rich Thinks Tavi’s Haters Are Just ‘Old, Bitter Cranky People’ Who ‘Live Uptown’

Thom Browne and Richie Rich.

When we bumped into Thom Browne at Housing Works’ Fashion for Action shopping benefit last night, we had to ask him about Paul Reubens’s recent (joking) accusation that he's been copying Pee-wee Herman’s shrunken suits. “I can’t say I was directly inspired by him. I’m flattered he thinks he was, because I think he’s amazing. What he does is so confident and strong and individual. He’s an icon,” Browne responded. He’d even be open to sitting down with Reubens and talking shop: “I would love to meet him and see what he’d be interested in. He’s a really interesting guy.”

Meanwhile, Richie Rich was rifling through clothing racks nearby, where he discovered a black sequined jacket with palm trees embroidered on the back. “This looks like something Liza Minnelli would have in her Studio 54 days,” he marveled, pulling out his wallet. He was also eager to share his thoughts on the forthcoming brainchild of Tavi Gevinson and Jane Pratt. “There are not that many people who inspire me, who I look up to fashion-wise, and [Tavi] is one of them. I just like her individuality. Tavi knows what she’s doing. I just think she’s adorable,” he said. Tavi’s haters are just jealous of her because they’re old and live uptown, according to Richie. “I think youthfulness really helps because it’s refreshing, compared to the old, bitter cranky people in the magazine world. A lot of these people live uptown, they do their work and go home. She’s eager and happy. I’m sure they’re envious. They’re probably cackling behind her back. But in the end, she has the last laugh.”