See the Ruffle Parka and Cargo Pants Valentino Made for the Gap


On Saturday, the day after the scariness that will be Black Friday in this country, the collection that Valentino designed for the Gap goes on sale in Europe. So they, too, may enjoy a terrifying shopping day this week, when utter madness ensues over the £99.95 cargoes with the ruffles bordering the pockets, emphasizing just the parts of the body that every woman wants emphasized. Or maybe the £119.95 armpit ruffles on the short jacket will fly out the door first. Maybe Kate Middleton will storm in and proclaim she must have the £149.95 parka to wear over her wedding dress and that her first cause as princess will be popularizing chino ruffles, and then the Gap will be saved from everything embarrassing that's happened to it over the past ten years. Maybe, just maybe, this stuff will happen.

Be my Valentino: High Street chain Gap unveils hot new designer collaboration [Daily Mail UK]