Simon Doonan Made This Barneys Window Display Out of Coffee Tins


For Barneys' "Have a Foodie Holiday" window theme, Simon Doonan has crafted a full display out of Illycaffe espresso tins, cans, paper cups, and paper bags, including an elaborate ballgown worn by a coffee-sipping mannequin. “We were going to call her Contessa Caffeina,” said Doonan, “but we decided she’s no Italian aristocrat, she’s a nice Jersey girl.” So instead, her name is Miss Illy, and she is accessorized with Louboutin pumps, oversize sunglasses by the Row, and an espresso machine perched atop her head. Most of Miss Illy's dress is made from the foil of espresso bags, which "is so fantastic, you could stitch it and use it for hot pants," Doonan says. And just to take the cross-marketing even further, Illy is handing out free espresso and cappuccino in Barneys throughout the holiday season, so your Christmas shopping can be extra frenzied.

Tinsel Town | Simon Doonan’s Very Foodie Windows [T/NYT]