Telegraph in Fits Over Rihanna’s Frothy Style


Writer Kate Finnigan on Rihanna's MTV Europe Awards red-carpet look: "Forget Gaga and her avant-garde posturing (yawn), my vote for female pop star with the most kick-ass fashion attitude goes to Rihanna. Because when it comes to this woman and her wardrobe, it's pretty clear who wears the trousers. And it ain't the walk-in closet. Take the fantastic Marchesa concoction the singer wore to the MTV awards this week. A more demure girl might have suffered death by Mr. Whippy in it. Imagine Gwyneth or Reece? Too sugary by far. But Rihanna gives it a completely different look. She doesn't simply dominate it, she turns into something akin to a super-heroine costume. Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's Ms. Whippy!" [Telegraph]