This Is What Two Hours of Working Out a Day Plus a Virtually No-Carb Diet Looks Like


Adriana Lima told us that six weeks before the Victoria's Secret fashion show, she starts working out for two hours a day every day. She explained that, working with a nutritionist, she had gone on a diet that included only grilled or steamed vegetables and four ounces of protein at each meal, cereal bars, and protein shakes. The fruits of her hard work were evident at her fitting for the three outfits she'll wear in the show, which tapes this Wednesday (and airs November 30 on CBS). In addition to her cape and heart-shaped top, she has wings, of course. This year, they're tattoo-printed!

And a spectacular coordinating tail! Lima told Fab Sugar her plans for after the show:

It’s not that I’m not eating after the show, but I’m definitely going to get together with my friends. I’m going to Mr Chow’s. I’m gonna have some sesame chicken, some cod. I would love to have — oh, I want so many things. I want to have Pinkberry with chocolate and blueberries. And I want to have a coconut hot chocolate. . . I’m gonna tell you that it’s going to have plenty of chocolate involved.

Victoria's Secret Show Opener Adriana Lima Chats Angels, Babies, and Chocolate! [FabSugar]
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