Tom Brady Is the New, Possibly Balding Face of Men’s Uggs


National Enquirer reporters claim to have tracked Tom Brady visiting a hair-transplant clinic recently, sparking speculation that the long hair his wife Gisele is supposedly forcing him to grow is actually a means of covering a terribly embarrassing bald spot. A random 67-year-old man who the Daily News does not name, and who got hair plugs himself, advises Brady to just "get it done."

But Brady's appearance is not something to take lightly, and not just because he's married to the hottest woman in the world and owes it to their adoring public to look her equal. Because when he's not hiding his beauty under his football helmet, he's using it to sell items of apparel, like Under Armour and, it was announced today, men's Ugg items. Brady, who says he loves and has been wearing Uggs for a long time, will collaborate with the brand on casual footwear and apparel for bros beginning with the fall 2011 season and appear in ads for the stuff. So he can't go bald — he has so much modeling to do! Would the world buy Uggs from a balding quarterback? Eh, if they bought the Jimmy Choo line, probably.

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