Video: Alber Elbaz Discusses Lanvin’s H&M Collection and the Kind of Women He Loves


H&M's meticulous rollout of online treats associated with its Lanvin collection, which is already sending people into fits of joy, continues with a video of the man himself, Alber Elbaz, discussing the line. "It wasn’t about Lanvin going lower priced; it was about H&M going to the luxury business," he insists. "A friend of mind told me that every time she wears a Lanvin dress, a man falls in love with her, and I thought, 'Wow that’s great.' And then the day after I told her, 'I wish actually the next time you wear a Lanvin dress you fall in love with a man.' And she said, 'What’s the difference?' And I said, 'Active and passive.' So I like those active women, women in charge. So in any case I hope now that we have so many more dresses of Lanvin many more women will be falling in love and many more women will be fallen in love with." Hear that, ladies? Buy these clothes and get your man-hunting on. Hear more from Alber in the video.

Video: Lanvin for H&M - Interviews with Alber Elbaz & More [High Snobiety]