Video: Lanvin’s H&M Collection!


Not only is today exciting because it's Election Day, but it's also the day H&M reveals its Lanvin collection in an online short film, which might bring enough joy into your life to balance out the potentially very depressing evening of returns! Either that or it will make you terribly anxious to shop, with immense fear about not getting things in your size, because this line will not last long. The film takes place in a hotel and has just a flavor of Inception without the guns or sleeping people floating. It's hard to pay attention to the plot since all you'll want to do is mentally shop. But that doesn't matter, the clothes do; they include cocktail dresses, trenches, miniskirts, and tees, along with shoes, jewelry, and lipstick. The strapless tulle gowns and one-shoulder black pouf-sleeve dress are bound to go in minutes. Actually, it all looks ridiculously good and all of it is bound to go in minutes. The collection launches November 20 in select H&M stores.