Video: Visionaire’s Cecilia Dean and Derek Blasberg Play With Chickens in Red Hook


Sometimes fashion people have to go out of their comfort zone to faraway lands like Red Hook in faraway boroughs like Brooklyn to show the world what's hot, what's now. Sometimes visiting these places is akin to being thrust into the wild where the chickens might peck you, the bees might sting you, and the living, growing plants might thorn you. But sometimes these places are home to the chic-est of people, whose homes make the hottest Louis Vuitton gowns look even hotter. And so Derek Blasberg put on his blue jeans and plaid shirt to pursue such a lead, visiting Visionaire founder Cecilia Dean, a former model, in the Red Hook apartment she shares with her restaurateur boyfriend, David Selig. She moved from 42nd Street to her Red Hook digs for Selig, where the couple keep chickens and beehives and grow their own tomatoes. Watch Cecilia explain the rustic life to Blasberg while looking awesome in Louis Vuitton with a chicken in her arms in the video.

CECILIA DEAN STYLE [Harper's Bazaar]