ANTM Recap: Roberto Cavalli Helps Pick This Season’s ‘Top Model’

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Last night on America's Next Top Model, there were no surprises. Gone are the days of Tyra putting on her space suit and flapping about the set making up words and turning her profession into some sort of confusing and insane art that it was never supposed to be. And so Ann, who won five episodes this season, won the series, and the final competition, in which she and Chelsey competed in a walk-off in a Just Cavalli runway show. Roberto Cavalli himself was on hand to help choose the winner. He found Chelsey "natural" but also too beautiful, while André Leon Talley told her, "I felt no snap, no crackle, and no pop. But having said that, your legs looked fantastic."

Nigel Barker (remember him?) suggested that Chelsey, being older (a whole 22!), would be the more logical choice since she should know more things about fashion than 19-year-old Ann. At this point Tyra went crazy, fully seizing the moment to talk about herself: "Bull! Child, at 17 years old I knew fashion!!!" Besides, most top models don't start at 22 — they start at 16 or 17. But maybe that's neither here nor there since this is America's Next Top Model, and the show's title never translated into any sort of grand career for any of the previous fourteen winners. But maybe Ann, with those fearful eyes, standing at a towering six foot two, will be different! See highlights of André Leon Talley, Roberto Cavalli, Tyra Banks, scary fringed shoes, and more from the fifteenth-season finale in the montage.