Avril Lavigne Is Trying to Be the Next Jessica Simpson of Celebrity ‘Designers’


You might think Avril Lavigne would feel fortunate to find her Abbey Dawn juniors' line for sale in Kohl's, the same store that also offers a line by Vera Wang. But the 26-year-old, who now has her own fragrance, is moving on because she wants to make her clothes available to the entire world. While you probably forgot Kohl's even carried Abbey Dawn, on Friday Lavigne will press forth with international expansion by launching her e-commerce site; in a month she'll begin wholesaling to boutiques, such as Trash & Vaudeville in New York. WWD reports that the quality of the goods is supposed to improve while prices will go up.

Though Lavigne has been out of the spotlight since her last album came out three years ago, she's hoping she can use her new album coming out in March to promote her clothing line, and vice versa (some of the T-shirts have "What the Hell" — the name of her first single — written on them, you see). But if you think that her album will be a dud and that this will inform the success of her apparel forays, think again. Even if the album flops, this doesn't mean her clothing line will flop, too. Just look at Jessica Simpson, whose music and reality-television careers have petered out, while she overlords a nearly $1 billion clothing empire. This kind of longevity and wealth in the clothing industry is what Lavigne and her manufacturer, Blank Generation, are eyeing.

Travis Anderson, the co-founder of Blank Generation, said his goal is to build a collection that emphasizes good design. Lavigne collected the funky shoes from Blank Generation’s Iron Fist brand before she teamed up with the company.

“We’re trying to establish Abbey Dawn as a brand above and beyond Avril Lavigne the personality,” said Anderson, estimating that first-year sales will be less than $20 million. “I’d like to establish it as a formidable streetwear line than a flash-in-the-pan celebrity line that goes in one retailer and out the other.”

Lavigne's products range from loungewear to wallets and handbags to regular clothing to swimwear to shoes. But she is also launching tees, hoodies, and caps for men, which she says were inspired by what her band wears. Well, aren't they in luck — now they have something to shill-wear when they tour with her.

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