Bedbugs Force Juicy Couture’s Fifth Avenue Flagship to Close


After taking down Hollister, Abercrombie, and Victoria's Secret, the bedbugs' systematic takeover of this city's retail network continues with the vermins' latest conquest: Juicy Couture. Company CEO Edgar Huber sent out an e-mail to Juicy Couture staff informing them that the chain's flagship store at 650 Fifth Avenue was closed yesterday thanks to the pesky new residents. Huber wrote that he expects the store to open later this week and that Juicy's other NYC locations don't seem to be hosting any bedbugs at this time. But this latest invasion should perhaps be viewed as some bright yellow warning tape around this holiday shopping season. Be extra careful if you plan to buy any items of apparel in stores with carpet, wood paneling, walls, or upholstery. In fact, maybe just stay home and make people Popsicle-stick houses.

Bedbugs Force Juicy Couture To Close 5th Avenue Store [Gothamist]