The Best of the Best and Worst Dressed Lists


It's that list-making time of year! Time to summarize the last twelve months, to reuse all those red-carpet and paparazzi shots, and to remind you, and ourselves, of fashion moments both divine and hilariously wrong as worn by our beloved public figures. Some were so outstanding, they appeared on multiple lists and crossed time zones and cultures: Carey Mulligan, Anne Hathaway, Anna Dello Russo, Gaga and the meat dress. MObama was widely adored; the Daily Beast's Kate Betts summed up the prevailing reverence, writing: "She uses her style to get our attention, and then she delivers her message."

The Vogues (American and British) take a high road, producing only "best" lists and populating them with the magazines' regulars. French Elle's charmingly chirpy but somewhat random approach cheers on Katy Perry's bright colors and Taylor Momsen (who was mostly a "worst" elsewhere) for "understanding the strength of the obscure in fashion." Della Russo's own sincere and energetic list is a shining example of democratic idiosyncrasy, giving equal "best"-ness to Queen Elizabeth and Rihanna. As for the worsts: The U.K.'s Daily Mail wins for its photo of Vladimir Putin working a Davy Crockett look, an image that should be immortalized on T-shirts immediately. Click through the ten featured here to remember the bad and the beautiful of 2010.