Derek Jeter: ‘I Don’t Know If Too Many People Would Purchase Any of My Fashions’


Derek Jeter may promote Movado watches and have a deal with Avon to make musky colognes that smell of grapefruit and oakmoss, but he is not about to pull a Kardashian or Angelina Jolie or Jessica Simpson and make his own fashion items. "I don’t know if too many people would purchase any of my fashions," he told WWD. Which is a good thing, because he doesn't even shop:

“I get by on gifts,” he revealed. “I guess you can call it laziness.”

His No. 1 personal fashion priority is comfort:

There is one fashion item Jeter can’t live without: “comfortable shoes.” For instance? “Jordan, Nike,” he said, though on Monday night he sported a pair of Ferragamos. “A lot of times people try to be stylish and it’s not comfortable.”

But just when you think, "Oh, he just has a typical straight dude's attitude toward clothing," the reporter tells him Jimmy Choo is relaunching men's shoes.

Jeter was more than enthusiastic. “Send me everything you have — size 11-and-a-half,” he laughed. “I’ll be able to tell you what I think will work.”

Work or werk? Hmmm, Jeter?

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