Mother-Daughter Tanning Is a Widespread Issue; Paul Rudd Goes Mountain Man


• Researchers investigating indoor tanning habits found that almost 40 percent of the female students they surveyed had gone tanning for the first time with their mothers. [Jezebel]


• Models twisted their hair into oversize bouffants and tiered updos for a fairy-tale-themed editorial in the latest issue of Brides. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

• Paul Rudd grew a full mountain-man beard for his role in the upcoming film My Idiot Brother. [HuffPo]


• Katy Perry is busy creating an “aroma” for her upcoming tour. The singer said, “It's going to engage all the senses, so we're looking into alternative stuff like smell.” [Jezebel]


• Mattel released a gadget called the Barbie Doll’d Up Nails Digital Nail Printer, which prints out Minx-like stickers, causing lots of adults to snap them up for their, um, nieces. [StyleList]


• Those who missed out on Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday MAC lipstick may have a second chance. Minaj tweeted, “MAC and I are working together to bring it back." [Nicki Minaj/Twitter]