Ford No Longer Represents Amber Rose

Amber at a Knicks game. OOH! ROMANCE!

You've been wondering what Amber Rose has been up to, haven't you! Apparently, there are lots of things that managed to escape mainstream news that are buried in an item in "Page Six" today about how she and Vogue aspirant Amar'e Stoudemire may be an item (he was tweeting about how he thinks she's hot, and then sat next to her at a nightclub — his rep says they're just friends and those tweets were "meant to be funny"). It seems that Rose, whose fame began when she would escort her now ex-boyfriend Kanye West to fashion shows wearing all manner of latex ensembles, is working on a reality show called Behind Her Shades about a vintage-sunglasses store in Las Vegas. Though she signed with Ford in 2009, the modeling agency told the Post they don't represent her anymore. Not like she needs them — she's got a reality show about sunglasses now. Plus, she already had her runway moment.

Amar'e cozying up to Amber [NYP]